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Going to see the vet over and over for puppy vaccinations and boosters throughout your puppy’s life may seem a bit tedious. Many of the different vaccinations, for several different diseases, can sometimes be confusing when trying to determine which vaccinations our puppies need. The diseases that vaccinations protect our puppies from are dangerous, potentially deadly, and for the most part, preventable. 

We at TLC Kennel offer a written health guarantee that provides a list of all current immunizations. We also offer information and knowledge to help establish timely veterinary care guidelines so that pet owners can meet the future needs of their new puppy.  In addition to registration papers (if applicable) and our health guarantee, all puppies receive a starter pack.

We do require a deposit to consider a puppy sold. Deposits are $300 and are part of the purchase price plus tax. All deposits are non refundable.

We offer discounts for Military, Repeat Customer, and 2nd Puppy.

Please Call (719)349-0505 To Check Availability BEFORE Submitting Your Deposit