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To keep the guarantee offered to you in force, you must have your puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian of your choice NO LATER THAN FIVE (5) BUSINESS DAYS from the date of purchase.  A diagnosis of coccidiosis, giardia, parasites, or any other type of bacterial infection does not render your puppy unhealthy.  Your guarantee does not cover the above mentioned conditions or non life-threatening or temporary disorders, such as: hypoglycemia, uneven bites, undescended testicles, cherry eyes, inguinal or umbilical hernias, or patellar dislocations.  No veterinarian fee charged for the initial exam or for any other veterinary services will be paid for by seller.  If you neglect to take your puppy to a veterinarian for this examination, or to complete any necessary vaccinations, you will accept immediate and full responsibility for its health.  Transferring puppy for any reason renders this guarantee null and void.

Your puppy is also guaranteed for a full seven (7) days from date of purchase against parvo, distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, and canine influenza.  In the event your puppy does not pass the initial exam, or should be diagnosed with any non excluded condition, you must notify us IMMEDIATELY.  The puppy and all related registration paperwork must be RETURNED to seller accompanied by a legibly written and signed veterinarian report, a complete history, a laboratory report, and/or pathology report from a licensed laboratory.  If your puppy is diagnosed with PARVO, an IGG and IGM Blood Antibody Titer Test must be done, with the results furnished to us.  We will replace your puppy with the first available puppy of equal quality; however, NO PART of the purchase price will be refunded.  Full credit of the purchase price can be applied toward the purchase of a better quality puppy if desired and if available.  In addition, your puppy may be returned for up to six (6) months from the date of birth for all life-threatening or permanently debilitating hereditary and congenital disorders.  Defects that can be attributable to other than congenital causes are NOT covered.  At NO TIME will puppy be replaced without said puppy being returned to seller.

No guarantee is made as to ability to breed, show quality, size, coat quality, temperament or adaptability.  Any veterinarian’s diagnosis shall be subject to confirmation by a veterinarian chosen by the seller.  Buyer has read and understands the guarantee and acknowledges that NO CASH REFUND, in part or in full, will be given, nor will the seller be responsible for any veterinary expenses, or any other expenses incurred by the purchaser.  ALL SALES FINAL.

We encourage you to spay or neuter your pet.

We do require a deposit to consider a puppy sold. Deposits are $300 and are part of the purchase price plus tax. All deposits are non refundable.

We offer discounts for Military, Repeat Customer, and 2nd Puppy.

Please Call (719)349-0505 To Check Availability BEFORE Submitting Your Deposit