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For centuries, dogs have been part of the everyday life of people all over the world.  Just how man and his “best friend” came to accept each other took a long time and we shall never know exactly why or how it evolved.  Undoubtedly the dog has changed considerable since the Stone Age days of the wolf-dog.  Before today’s numerous breeds came to be recognized, people in different parts of the world created dogs suitable for their own particular environment and conditions.  This process took millions of years with variations happening all the time.  Thus, by trial and error, a variety of dogs were produced.  Fortunately for all of us, there are now more than enough breeds in existence to make all of our dreams come true in selecting what is essentially another family member.

Breeds at TLC Kennels

We at TLC Kennel are proud to offer a wide selection of breeds that are often sought by today’s thoughtful pet owner.  We take great care to select only healthy sound representatives of each breed for our breeding program as we strive to play our part as good stewards in the ever changing history of dogs, our “best friends”.