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Elizabeth Turner
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Just brought home our handsome 8-week-old male yorkie. He has obviously been well loved and taken care of. Just from his demeanor and excitement to join our family, (with 2 other loving pups-and 3 small kiddos) we can tell he was played with and loved while awaiting his forever home.
Megan Meyer
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We just got 2 Corgi puppies and we couldn’t be more in love!!! The puppies are sweet and active (no signs of mistreatment/malnourishment at all…. the 2 puppies we found/ brought home before them…. years and years ago….. were sick/needed treatment when we brought them home) These babies have got great temperaments and fit right in our little family… 2 other dogs, and 2 kids… They are so happy and perfect for us!
Age The Page
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Great experience getting our Chihuahua from TLC. We got the puppy at 12 weeks and we were so happy with how well trained she already was, she was basically potty trained!! The first vet appointment went great, the puppy is healthy and happy!
Desiree Lacost
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They were the best!! We got a beautiful female chocolate Schnauzer. They are so sweet & kind. They gave us a holiday discount! Desiree, Jaylee & Zoey Lacost
Alissa Uribe
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I purchased my mini king from them, so happy. He’s a character.
Sandi Crowe
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My little Pippin is the love of my life. He is more than I had hoped he would be. I will be back to get him a little girl friend soon. When my min pin died I was lost. Couldn’t find any place to get another min pin that wasn’t a scam until I found TCL. They are fantastic.
Lindsay Harris
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We got our corgi on 1/20/24 and he was a complete angel. They sent me weekly pictures when I would text and ask since we had to wait a month to get him. I did drive to their facility and they did have houses with cages so the dogs could go in and out but our corgi is great and the price was great too. He loves to play and so far has had no issues. Yes the health guarantee is just for 6 months and they won’t cover if something happens that is out of their control but I wouldn’t expect anyone I got a dog from to provide that so I am not mad about it. I don’t expect an 8 week old puppy to be socialized when I get them and that’s my job to finish his shots and take him to training for proper socialization. Very professional and all documentation explained and provided. I am sad to see these 1 star reviews because i was dealing with a local breeder and it was a terrible experience but this was great from start to finish (minus the 3 hour drive). Thank you TLC for a wonderful experience!
Jason K
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I am so incredibly happy that I found TLC kennels and they were able to help me find the perfect Pekingese puppy to add to my family! “Lily,” who has been renamed Falcor, has been such a ball of sunshine in my life already, and she’s only been here for a manner of weeks. She is incredibly healthy and vivacious and shows a strong personality, being equal parts cuddlebug and bold explorer! Her experience playing with other pups is evidenced by her innate ability to soft-mouth when playing, and her love for being around other puppies/dogs, (only ones who I know for a fact are all fully vaccinated!) is heartwarming!
Eddie Wilson
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I got my dog Appa from them and they took such good care of him from meeting him at 3 weeks and giving me so much information to updating me every few weeks with pictures. When we got him he was freshly bathed as well as getting a full goody bag of food and scented things from their siblings. I’ve had a lot of dogs and I’ve never had a breeder this attentive. We now have other family members looking to buy dogs here plus the pricing is 100% what it should be compared to overpriced dog shops.
Susie Solis
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We just got our second pup from TLC and just like our first, she came to us happy, healthy, and well adjusted. She adjusted so well to our family and we are so happy and complete now. I will definitely come back if we add more down the line. Both of these happy dogs are from TLC.

Forty Years of cuteness and still going strong!!

We do require a deposit to consider a puppy sold. Deposits are $300 and are part of the purchase price plus tax. All deposits are non refundable.

We offer discounts for Military, Repeat Customer, and 2nd Puppy.

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