The Dorkie is a cross of a purebred Dachshund and a purebred Yorkshire Terrier, also known as the Yorkie Dachshund Mix. It’s a small dog breed at about 5 to 10 inches tall, weighing between 5 to 12 pounds. The average lifespan of this crossbreed is around 13 to 16 years.

Like its Yorkshire Terrier parent, the Dorkie is an excellent companion dog. These puppies will follow you around all day like little shadows, as they love being around people. A Dorkie will probably even nap in your lap several times during the day.

Dorkies have a laid-back, easygoing attitude. However, this crossbreed may not be ideal for families with toddlers and preschool-age children. The Dorkie may end up nipping at kids who play too roughly, a trait the breed can inherit from the tough Yorkshire Terrier.

The Dorkie doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, but you’ll want to brush its coat regularly to keep it looking shiny and healthy. The Yorkie Dachshund Mix tend to take on the hypoallergenic qualities of the Yorkshire Terrier. These Terriers have a coat that is similar to human hair, so it’s less likely to trigger allergies. The Yorkshire Terrier and Dachshund mix is a low shedding dog breed as well, so this dog won’t leave clumps of hair around your home.