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Shih tzu Puppy

Shih Tzu puppy loves to be in a jovial mood and exude energy all the time. This sweet natured bubbly pup can make you happy for no reason. It is more of a toy breed than that of others. If you are looking for a lively and playful furry little pup then Shih Tzu is the one you should opt for. Their majestic charm will surely melt your heart completely.

It is a high maintenance breed and requires very serious patience and dedication to keep them in proper shape. This small pup loves cuddling inside lap and on soft pillows but that doesn’t mean they will always enjoy to be carried around. They are very energetic and love the warm touch of human beings. While they are very affectionate and crave for love, some Shih Tzu doesn’t entertain a stranger’s advances.

To keep Shih Tzu puppy in fun and frolic mood you need to take them for walk every day along with proper diet.  Let them get involved with varieties of indoor interactive games for better socialization and enhanced public skills. There is a wrong notion about hairy pups like these. This is partially wrong as the hair they shed is more likely to be trapped on their coat and drop onto the floor. Therefore, it’s essential to get them regular haircuts and their coat needs to be clipped properly.

It is a very friendly and adjustable pet that can adjust in any apartment or living space. Homeowners with this pet enjoy great bonhomie with limitless cuteness and fun.  Although, it is a bundle of love but has some definite likes and dislikes with a bit of stubbornness. Thus, you need to be little cautious about their preferences.

At, TLC Kennel we will provide you the required education to nestle with this adorable furry Shih Tzu puppy without any hassles!