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Designer Puppy

Designer puppyis trending exponentially. At TLC Kennel we have grasped that trend and stocked one of the coveted breeds. If you’re still wandering what exactly designer puppies are then we have the answer. Designer puppy is a cross between two purebreds.  We have a range of them like Morkie, Cockapoos, Bichon Frise, Yorkshire terrier and much more. We bred these canines with a purpose to promote the best qualities of each of them.

Our designer puppy exudes healthy signs of its each parent. While buying a purebred can assure you that what basically you will be having in future, with designer breed you might be in confusion.  Therefore, we offer you written standards that include each and every of his character so that you can foresee what you would be getting in future.

We offer a complete written guidance where you will be given everything from their size, shape, coat, character and temperament in details. We also suggest nurturing guidelines like how to train them, feed them and make them obedient. We have been raising small pups to fully developed canines for more than 35 years.

We practice our breeding program under the guidance of experts who design potentially sound genetics to produce healthy designer puppy. We look after every dam and sire to ensure genetic strength. We are so engrossed and love our business that we leave no stone un turned to make our objective successful. When it comes to producing designer puppy, we screen everything under the legitimate standard of AKC. We also keep our clients updated with what we haven screened through and the result that has come out.

If you’re looking for a jovial, child-friendly, healthy and energetic designer puppy then don’t hesitate to call us. We will be happy to help you choose the right pup for you.