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Are you looking for a new companion? Nothing can be as generous as buying puppies. They will love you unconditionally and can be a better mate than human being. Luckily, when you’re up to add a little furry member in your home you would have many options to choose from.

Puppies come from different genetic tendencies and all you have to do is to narrow down to the specific.  At our store, we offer you to be introduced with a gamut of breeders and each one is personally selected. Since we follow record keeping, breed standards, identification we know the characters of individual. We can help you find the compatible one that goes with your preference. We possess more than 35 years of experience for promoting healthy breeding programs for these furry little breeds. Whether you want to have a headstrong German shepherd or a cuddly Poodle, we have everything for your type, along with everything you need to be acquainted with to welcome the little one.

Everyone wants to have a friend on whom they can trust till death. Buy puppies if you’re also looking for the same. They are the ideal companion of human. But not everyone who wants to have them knows the right kind of treatment. Here at TLC Kennel, we educate our clients with proper knowledge to ease the transition of our pups to their new home. The transition phase is very critical for the pups so our main aim is to make it a fun and relaxing process.

You want to buy puppies? Come to us, we are one stop shop for your adored companion. You can browse through our site for a wide range that includes Bichon Frise, Australian shepherd, Cocker Spaniel, Miniature Pinscher,  Maltese, Shih Tzu and to name a to name a few.  Get any one of them and enrich your life with endless love and passion.