TLC Kennel of Colorado

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Q: How long have you been raising puppies?

A: TLC Kennel has been in existence for over 35 years. Family owned and operated we have offered most of the breeds listed on our web site for the greater majority of that time.

Q: I notice that you offer many different breeds on your web site. Is that a good thing?

A: Yes. All dams, sires, and puppies receive outstanding housing and health care as meet their breed specific needs. We have chosen specific breeds that meet the wide variety of interest expressed by today’s pet owner for whom choosing just the right breed is important. Our mission is the same no matter the breed, happy, healthy puppies.

Q: Can I visit your facility to choose a puppy?

A: Yes, you may visit TLC Kennel by appointment. We are a disease-controlled facility, so we do not give kennel wide tours. You will be able to view the puppy/litter/ parents of the breed you are interested in or a small variety of puppies if you are undecided.

Q: Do you offer a health guarantee?

A: Yes, we offer a six month health guarantee which covers any life-threatening disorders as documented by your vet. We expect you to follow our instructions in the proper care and feeding of the puppy and provide follow up veterinary care.

Q: Have your puppies been vaccinated?

A: Yes, each puppy comes with CURRENT immunizations and worming. This means that all immunizations have been boostered as is appropriate for the puppy’s age and puppies have been treated for parasites by multiple products multiple times. A complete record will be provided for you. You will need to follow with additional immunizations per the recommendations of your veterinarian in a timely manner.

Q: What do I feed my puppy?

A: We feed a high quality puppy food. This is very important for your puppy’s growth. We recommend Royal Canin or Eukanuba puppy foods. For select toy breeds, specific additional instructions will be provided.

Q: Do you ship your puppies?

A: No, at this time TLC Kennel does not ship puppies due to the many stress factors involved. Customers who live out of Colorado frequently drive or fly in to pick up their puppy. We frequently meet customers in the Front Range area about once a week for their convenience, or half way between the Front Range and TLC Kennel any time by appointment.

Q:  Can I get a refund on my deposit?

Deposits are non-refundable.  If you change your mind you loose your deposit, as we are removing the puppy from the for sale list.  However, if the puppy should become ill or if we are unable to deliver you a healthy puppy, then the deposit will be refunded.